Luke R. Watson, M.D., company co-founder

Dr. Watson is a board certified pathologist with over 18 years

His unique position as Laboratory Medical Director, Chairman of
the Infection Control Committee and Chief of Staff, has allowed for
a better understanding of infection control and prevention at
multiple levels and has helped develop a team approach to
preventing hospital acquired infections.
Steiros Infection Control Consulting
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MRSA Hospital Aquired Infections
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Proactive Prevention
and Control of
Infections and Patient

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Steiros™ LLC is an infection control consulting company that engages hospitals
and health-care systems, by creating a framework (Steiros Algorithm®) to hardwire
IC best practices into their facilities.    

By delivering measurable quality health care, organizations are staged for CMS’s
value-based purchasing program, which will reward hospitals for meeting their HAIs
performance measures for quality and efficiency.
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